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A Slow Learner, but a Learner Still

Only so many dusks, only so many springs.

Only so many dusks, only so many springs.

It seems like just one post ago I was supposedly relearning that I will only get so many magic hours (dawn & dusk light) in my life, but just this afternoon I sat at my desk, trying to decide whether to haul a camera into the backyard or take off my shoes and lounge about the house.  Continue reading


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The Song My Photos Were Waiting For

On my 56th birthday last April, I went to see Aimee Mann perform with poet Billy Collins. On that same day, I received her new album with Ted Leo, performing as The Both. It included the song, “Hummingbird.” Like Nessun Dorma, this is a song that just gets me, so I decided to use some of my wildlife photos to make a slideshow with the song.

And this is where being a lazy, disorganized, impatient photographer kinda bites me in the butt, because I couldn’t find a lot of my best wildlife pictures, distributed as they are among several computers, many hard drives, and many, many, optical discs. Oh well, the song is beautiful and some of these images are pretty good too.

Works for me. I would say that “One of these days I need to get organized,” but it’s not going to happen. So it goes.

Oh, and I don’t really have the right to use the song, but maybe if you buy The Both, and everything else Aimee Mann and Ted Leo have created, they’ll give me a pass. Thanks.

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Backyard Bird Therapy

Last night I indulged my insomnia by listening to a lot of Aimee Mann, watching V for Vendetta, and then watching a documentary about Gene Clark, one of the founders of The Byrds. Woke up depressed, and even a motorcycle commute to work did not cheer me up. But when I got home, things got better. I do want a much longer lens, though. These are very small portions of the frame..

All shot with Nikon D610, 70-200 f/2.8, TC17eII teleconverter.

DSC_1602 (1)

DSC_1607 (1)

DSC_1629 (1)

DSC_1646 (1)

DSC_1663 (1)

DSC_1693 (1)

DSC_1688 (1)

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My Element

DSC_0780 (1)Sir Ken Robinson says your element is that space where your passion and your competency intersect. Sam Phillips says, “It is good to love what you love so much that you forget to be afraid of not knowing what you are doing or if you are any good at doing it.” I say that when I am photographing birds I have no idea that time is passing.



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How I Missed The Shot: Hummingbird Edition

I staked out a position by a plant known around here (my backyard) as “Indian Tobacco.” The hummingbirds love it, so I prefocused on one set of flowers and waited.

I heard the bird, and immediately lost all discipline. I tried to follow it to all the different flowers it visited, and never got a shot off. Of course it ended it up at the flowers I originally staked out. By the time I caught up and focused, it had moved behind the flower.  Had I stuck with my plan, I would have gotten six or seven shots of the full hummingbird feeding at these flowers. Instead, I got this:


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