What Will I Photograph in 2016?

Vstrom Lake Casitas-3227_HDR

My Suzuki Vstrom 650 at Lake Casitas. Fujifilm X100s. I resolve to take more photo breaks on my rides.

Good question. My job at the Orfalea Foundation ends this year, so I’ll start 2016 by ramping up my freelance business: Dizzy One Ventures. I’m already shooting events for one client and writing newsletters for another. If I can add three more of each, I can postpone looking for another job indefinitely.

Backyard Birds-0066

Backyard birding is a great joy, but I resolve to practice better shot discipline. Nikon D7100; Nikon 70-200 f/2.8; Nikon TC17eII.

But I’ll still need to shoot for myself. I suspect I’ll make lots of bird and motorcycle images, but I’d also like to do more portraiture, which I miss dearly, and I want to shoot on location.

I’m working on a lighting kit I could carry on the motorcycle, which is no small task, since my current lighting bag doesn’t fit in the trunk of my car.

Hannukah Zzyzx-3218

My son on a recent sojourn to Zzyzx Road (and, in this image, Peggy Sue’s Diner). I have mixed emotions about the Fujifilm X100s these days, but I’m forcing myself to use it as my travel camera. I prefer my Nikons, but the X100s is mighty easy to carry around.

I also want to document more family events, but shoot them as well as I would for a client. Last week I put the X100s on “drunk mode” (fully automatic) and made a lot of awful photos with inadequate depth of field. It’s pretty dispiriting when the only professional photographer in the family gets the worst images of a holiday party.

I’ve been using the D610 for all of my work-for-hire shooting, but I want to integrate it more into my personal work as well. This month I’ve shot precisely zero personal images with it, which is a shame, because the image quality is excellent.

Historically, I’ve struggled to keep photography joyful when I am also doing it professionally. Best. Struggle. Ever. Looking forward to it in 2016.

backyard birds-9960

Working from home should let me photograph my neighbors during better lit times of day. Nikon D7100; Nikon 70-200 f/2.8; Nikon TC17eII.

Backyard Birds-0128

I had never seen a kingfisher in the neighborhood before today. This one was in a tree two houses away, which reminds me that I will probably try once again to get a more serious birding lens in 2016. We’ll see. Nikon D7100; Nikon 70-200 f/2.8; Nikon TC17eII.

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