A Sort of Progress

141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_8909-3

A lot of things didn’t go right during my most recent opportunity to photograph dance, but the better images show improvement in exposure. For years, I was so committed to recovering shadow detail that I consistently overexposed dance images. Now I’m trying harder to make peace with the shadows, and I’m finding some success. Still a lot of variables to control, but this is going to help. I shot using matrix metering and -.7 exposure compensation, but I still had to bring down the highlights quite a bit in Lightroom. Usually, there was detail to be recovered in the highlights, so -.7 might be a good safe compromise in this situation.141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_9170 141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_9234 141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_9307 141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_9385 141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_9553 141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_9636 141211-Nordhoff DanceDSC_9639

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  1. myrna

    of course … shadows are friends … add to the drama of images … think greg cooper – all about light and shadow

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