Backyard Bird Therapy

Last night I indulged my insomnia by listening to a lot of Aimee Mann, watching V for Vendetta, and then watching a documentary about Gene Clark, one of the founders of The Byrds. Woke up depressed, and even a motorcycle commute to work did not cheer me up. But when I got home, things got better. I do want a much longer lens, though. These are very small portions of the frame..

All shot with Nikon D610, 70-200 f/2.8, TC17eII teleconverter.

DSC_1602 (1)

DSC_1607 (1)

DSC_1629 (1)

DSC_1646 (1)

DSC_1663 (1)

DSC_1693 (1)

DSC_1688 (1)

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