My Element

DSC_0780 (1)Sir Ken Robinson says your element is that space where your passion and your competency intersect. Sam Phillips says, “It is good to love what you love so much that you forget to be afraid of not knowing what you are doing or if you are any good at doing it.” I say that when I am photographing birds I have no idea that time is passing.



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3 responses to “My Element

  1. What a great shot. Sir Ken would be proud of you. How did you get the lighting and background just right? How far away was the subject (bird)? LN

    • I moved around quite a bit until the background looked right to me. The bird was about 15 feet away, so he makes up a fairly small part of the frame. There were dozens in the eucalyptus trees today, and there were very active.

  2. Conroy Judith

    A wonderful gift to have….

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