And So This is Christmas

DSC_0091The kids – and the cats – are adults now, but everyone still gathers on Christmas Eve for Laurie’s reading of The Night Before Christmas.  And Santa still leaves a letter for the kids. Here is an excerpt from this year’s letter:

“Many years ago, on the way home from a holiday visit, John asked in a worried voice whether I was real. Some other boys told him there was no Santa Claus; that Christmas toys came from parents. Your father responded that he believed in me, and I can assure you that was good to hear. All magic depends on belief.

Believe in yourselves and you will always be able to believe in me. As you finish school, people will tell you that your life is all about responsibilities, and that is partially true. But your chief responsibility is to make magic.  It’s easier than you think; a little kindness, a lot of honesty, and a smile when someone needs it.”




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3 responses to “And So This is Christmas

  1. Tina

    That is wonderful! 🙂

  2. kaarina

    Beautiful traditions! thanks for sharing.

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