X100S Works for Snapshots Too

Just over a week with the Fujifilm X100S, and I had it in my jacket pocket while lunching with a couple of old friends. Pulled it out and fired two frames. I now believe that despite what the manual says, it might actually have face-recognition focusing. But even if it doesn’t, the “multi” mode seems to have done a good job selecting focus points. People keep saying this camera offers “near-dslr quality,” but I think it’s better than dslr quality for two reasons: 1) it’s providing better inherent sharpness and tonal gradations than my dslr, and 2) IT WAS IN MY FREAKIN’ POCKET SO I GOT THE PICTURES. I don’t think I could have gotten this subject isolation with a compact camera, and I wouldn’t have carried my dslr on this rainy day. No camera is perfect, but this one is impressing the heck out of me.

DSCF0182 (2)DSCF0181

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