What Does the Light Feel?


What little quiet time I’ve had in the past few weeks has been devoted to thinking about photography. Specifically, I’ve been trying to understand where photography fits into my life at this time.

I spent many evenings on the back deck looking at the moon and stars, and this evolved into something of a vision quest. I think I found one.

A few nights ago, I came across a New Yorker cartoon that showed Albert Einstein in bed with a disgruntled looking woman. In the caption, he says, “To YOU it was quick.”

When I stopped laughing a couple of hours later, I sat outside and thought about the speed of light. So far as I know, light is the only thing that travels at the speed of light. And, my limited knowledge of the theory of relativity tells me that at the speed of light, the construct we know as “time” slows almost to a stop.

These facts, whether or not they are in fact facts, got me dreaming a bit. What if light were a sentient being? What does the light see? What does the light feel? When I look at my favorite images from the past few years, they seem like inadvertent attempts to answer those questions.


I’m told that humans appear to move very slowly in the hyper-metabolized eyes of a hummingbird; the world must seem awful slow to the light – frozen in time, perhaps.

What does the light kiss, and why? What does the light slap?

For now, this is my photographic mission: to try to record what the light feels. Wish me luck.


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