Non-Photographic Vacation, Day 3

We started the day with a hike into Canyon de Chelly, which was followed by a much less pleasant hike OUT of Canyon de Chelly. I’m no spring chicken. Then, after a brief visit to some north rim overlooks, we made our way to Monument Valley, right around magic hour. Here, I really felt the sting of this being a non-photographic vacation, but even if I had all my gear and a lot more time, I don’t know if I could have captured what I saw in my mind. I have several hundred images that should keep me busy post-processing for the foreseeable future.


The view from the White House Overlook, where our descent into Canyon de Chelly began.


Between my age and my sedentary lifestyle, I find it very comforting to hike with an excellent wilderness trekker who also happens to be trained as an EMT.


A little ways down the trail, I stole a rest break by asking John to take my picture.


The White House ruins – our destination.


On the way back up, I took many breaks. “Oh look, a hole in the clouds, let’s drink water and take pictures!”


This is a photo from Monument Valley. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


This is one of the better sections of road on the scenic, suspension-busting drive.







ZSC_1210 (1)

I lacked the long lens I would have needed to compress the moon and monument. In person, the moon looked huge and close. A long lens would have helped me capture that look. Instead, we went for the “John grabbing the moon” shot.

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