Non-Photographic Vacation, Day 2

Today we visited the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, and then did reconnaissance at Canyon de Chelly. Tomorrow we plan to walk into the canyon, weather permitting. Today I also learned that I should bring all of my gear on car trips, because I wanted longer lenses and bigger flashes at various times, and I learned that I have dozens of nasty dust spots on my sensor, which I won’t be able to deal with until we get home.


Petrified wood, shot with the 11-16 Tokina. You know, one of the lenses I wasn’t going to bring on the trip.




Driving along, John asked when we would get to the painted desert, and all of sudden we came around a curve and both said, “Oh!”


While we were admiring the Painted Desert, two ravens showed up and hung out with us. I’d like to believe that they were our spirit animals, but I’m pretty sure they simply noticed we were carrying a cooler. They followed us around and got very close.


John decided that they were caretakers of the area, welcoming us.


John makes friends wherever he goes. Here, he and one of the ravens compare and contrast the music of Dead Prez and People Under the Stairs.


I snapped this image of John, but then remembered that I should keep a subject’s head and shoulders above the horizon…


I got his head and shoulders above the horizon, but somehow misfocused. Good thing this is not a photographic vacation, because I’m making lots of photographic errors.


We got to Canyon de Chelly late in the day, and the light was getting good.


While we were at another overlook, it rained at this one. By the time we arrived, the ground was wet but the rain was gone, leaving this.


The clouds were very helpful, although the rolling thunder was terrifying for those of us up on the overlooks.


Canyon de Chelly is a pretty good looking part of the world.

From a mural at the Petrified Forest visitor's center.

From a mural at the Petrified Forest visitor’s center.

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  1. gail

    I like the not above the horizon shot of John better. gzn

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