Non-Photographic Vacation, Day 1

Today was an all driving day, from Ojai, California to Holbrook, Arizona. Online weather reports called for sunny skies along the route, and proved just as accurate as television weather reports.


6:00 AM in Ojai was lovely. Now, I know they say “red sky at morning, sailor take warning,” but we were not sailing, so I didn’t think much of it.


In Needles, California, John took the wheel. As we approached Kingman, Arizona, both of us suspected there might be weather ahead. The lighting striking on both sides of the road every few minutes was another clue.


We don’t see many of these in Ojai, but when my phone started blaring flash flood warnings every few minutes, I thought it might be a thunderstorm. The frequent lightning was beautiful and terrifying.


I don’t have any pictures of us driving through the thunderstorm, because I was too busy controlling my bladder, but here’s a shot of John concentrating on not getting us killed.


Having cheated death, we stopped at the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman for a late lunch. Here, John sees how they keep tourists from sitting in the dilapidated car.


I’m sure this works better than a sign.


Very nice to photograph John OUTSIDE a jail cell. After this, we pretty much just flew through Flagstaff and landed in Holbrook. Now we get some rest for tomorrow’s adventures in the Painted Desert and Canyon de Chelly.


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2 responses to “Non-Photographic Vacation, Day 1

  1. gail

    John has cousin Steve and Grandpa Harold’s profile. gzn

  2. Conroy Judith

    Hope you book a ride down into Canyon de Chelly. Unfortunately I did not have enough time and it’s one of the areas I’d love to revisit along with Chaco Canyon.

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