Pop-Up Fill Flash Is Handy in a Pinch

I don’t use the pop-up flash on my D7000 very often, but I’m glad it’s there when I lack the opportunity or ambition to attach a shoe-mounted flash. Here’s a good example of a quick backyard snapshot improved with balanced fill-flash.

Without flash, Lord Greystoke's features are lost in an otherwise well exposed image.

Without flash, Lord Greystoke’s features are lost in an otherwise well exposed image. Dodging his eyes may have made this a better image than the one that follows.

With the pop-up flash, we retrieve Greystoke's features for a better balance image, although we do produce some unhelpful shadows.

The pop-up flash illuminates Greystoke’s features for a better balanced image, although it also produces some unhelpful shadows. With a shoe-mounted flash and diffuser, the shadows would have been softened, if not eliminated.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m more likely to use flash outdoors than indoors, and this is why. For snapshots, the pop-up flash does a very good job for outdoor fill, particularly if you consider that I was about twenty feet away from the subject.

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