Not Being A Photographer

And the winner was….the 17-55 f/2.8.  I went to Wisconsin with one lens, one body, and an SB800 flash. Now, this was not a photography trip, so I was determined to take rather than make pictures. I even tried putting the camera on AUTO – for about two shots.

But even though I took back control of the camera after we disagreed on where to focus, I made a point of not driving everybody crazy looking for photos – I used my D7000 like a point-and-shoot camera, and I have some nice snapshots of the trip. Plus, I didn’t have to spend hours post-processing. Now THAT’S a vacation!

My first photo from this trip to Wisconsin really set the mood.

Alicia and Brad are the second-best reason for visiting Wisconsin. Kopp’s frozen custard being the best reason, of course.

Where were you in ’92?

Despite temperatures in the low 30s, the Madison farmer’s market around the Capitol building was very busy. Here’s my wife with a bouquet of vegetable flowers.

I did bring the flash out for a couple of photos. This was the only view of the capitol that wasn’t obscured by anti-protestor fences.

Alicia’s shadow acts as a tour guide for Laurie’s shadow.

The native southern Californian keeps his sweater, muffler, coat and hat on in the heated car.

Brad took us to see Native American mound structures, pine forests, and…

…the world’s best apple pie, available here at The Elegant Farmer.

Naturally, no trip to Milwaukee is complete without a visit to the bronze Fonz. We also got to see an arrest involving policemen pointing a shotgun and a carbine at a fellow who seemed nice enough (if mentally ill) when he was talking to us a few minutes earlier, but I decided not to raise the camera to my eye to capture that bit of local color.

All in all, it was pretty nice to take pictures without being a photographer. In the future, though, I might buy a pocket camera for such uses, because there’s nothing here that justifies carrying even as much as one body, one (heavy) lens, and a flash unit. Yep, I’m the kinda guy who can turn wanting to do less into an opportunity to buy something. Sigh.


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3 responses to “Not Being A Photographer

  1. Brad Glassel

    Great photos of a great visit. However I’m not happy about being second to frozen custard, of course unless your buying! – Brad.

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