Joyous Snapshots at WORK

One of the great joys of my position as Communications Manager for the Orfalea Foundation is that I get to take pictures as part of my job. I took the images for this slide show as we convened our REACH students to welcome them home from their 25-day Colorado expedition.

REACH is a four-year, learn-by-doing educational program for highly motivated students with financial need. It begins the summer before their junior year of high school and continues through year two of their post-secondary education. In addition to outdoor adventures, the program offers post-secondary education assistance, and a broad curriculum of real-world skills, such as financial literacy, cooking, and first aid, for real-world success.

Photographically, this was a tough assignment, with lots going on at any given time, bright, midday light, and students often dramatically backlit against the sky. Often, I dialed up exposure compensation to let the highlights go so I could capture students against the bright blue sky. I used two Nikon D7000s, one with the 70-200 f/2.8, the other with the 17-55 f/2.8.

The music on this video is The Water’s Rising, by B. Willing James. He generously gave me permission to use it. You should generously buy all of his music, because it’s really good.

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  1. Conroy Judith

    Wish I had know about this wonderful institution …. my son would have benefited greatly from it…..good photo Dean

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