Who Took This Picture?


Having nearly finished my headshot project at work, I realized I would need a self-portrait to complete the “Our Team” section of the website. At home over the weekend, I set up lights the same way I’ve been doing it in my office.  I handed the camera to my wife, and showed her how to focus and fire it.  She did so five times, and then I put the files in the computer and processed this one, which I considered the best capture. I color-corrected, added my almost-trademark sepia wash, smoothed and sharpened to match the look of the other headshots, and posted it to the website.

And what have I been hearing from my friends? “I like that picture Laurie took!”  Hmmm. Actually, I’m sympathetic to their point of view.  There’s no way I could have taken this nice a self-portrait, not least because I could not have elicited this look from myself.  So yes, I was the technician on this image, but Laurie was the photographer.


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One response to “Who Took This Picture?

  1. Myrna Cambianica

    well … is this actually a self portrait … appears to be a portrait by Laurie … and a very good one at that!

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