Some Things I Don’t Usually Photograph

It’s a good thing we saw condors on our vacation (see previous post), because I don’t like to photograph landscapes and scenery and such, but that’s mostly what was available on our trip along California’s central coast. Here are pictures of some things I don’t usually photograph, don’t particularly like to photograph, and don’t really want to photograph.

Morro Rock at sunset, as seen from a wine bar. If I could do all landscape photography from a wine bar, I might muster more enthusiasm for the genre.

Somewhere around Big Sur. As I’ve explained in previous posts, real landscape photography requires patience, and I’ve got no time for that.


I do like other people’s photos that show all the subtle gradations of light in natural landscapes, so I gave it a try. After about a minute, I went in search of birds.

Found one!

I guess I swing from ADD to OCD, because either I have no time for a landscape, or I crawl around in the dirt shooting hundreds of frames of different angles of a pile of rocks.

…and never quite get what I want.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the opinion that a bad day taking pictures is better than a good day doing just about anything else, but I can never quite get myself to work hard at something that doesn’t move me. And I have no idea what moves me until I see it.

Something I will ALWAYS photograph.

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