Birds in Flight, Hat Almost in Flight

I just wanted to practice, but I got some pretty nice shots.

I went to Bolsa Chica today to practice shooting birds in flight. I got more practice keeping my hat, and missed a lot of shots every time the wind got gusty.

Early on, I had trouble locking focus, because it was taking me too long just to find the bird.  I soon learned to start with the lens zoomed out so I could locate the bird more easily, and then zoom in while focusing and tracking the bird.  As for the hat, well, I’m going to need some sort of chin strap for future sojourns.

A Black Skimmer skimming.

What a joy to practice with a really, really big bird. Better still, this one must have gotten good publicity training, because he was buzzing all the photographers.

Here I managed to catch a bird in flight and an eel in, um, free fall.

The tern made a quick recovery, though.

All shots are hand-held with the Nikon D7000, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, and Nikon TC17e-II teleconverter.

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