Back to the Birds

The other day, I heard a hawk out back. I put the bird kit together (D7000, 70-200 f/2.8, TC1.7e-II teleconverter) and tried to find him.  On the way, a hummingbird showed up and posed for me, and I forgot all about the hawk. Today, I stalked the Indian Tobacco plant to get more hummingbird photos. He never showed, but the hawk did. Obviously, they’re toying with me, but I don’t mind. I get an awful lot of joy out of this.

Naturally, I’d like to shoot this at a lower ISO for less noise and broader dynamic range, but I take the light as it comes, and there wasn’t much in this shady area of the yard.

The hummingbird spent a lot of time in the Indian Tobacco plant, giving me lots of opportunities to experiment.

…And experiment I did!

There were others, too. Acorn woodpeckers are like ants around here. Some people thought this was a shot of a hawk about to grab the woodpecker, but no, it’s just another woodpecker.

This fellow didn’t get as close as I would like, but it was a real pleasure to watch him, even at a distance. I don’t think he enjoyed watching me as much as I enjoyed watching him.

I might try cropping this differently, but I like the fact that you have to find him, and when you do, his pensive attitude generates some emotion.

Another emotion. That’s all, folks. At least until tomorrow!


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4 responses to “Back to the Birds

  1. Gail

    larry wants to know what kind of bird in the picture “I didn’t know they could…”

  2. Is the exposure a setting that’s built in to the Nikon, so you can get the bird’s exposure right against the sky. Yobroinlo

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