I’m A Sucker for Sepia and Vignettes

…especially when I shoot a period piece at the theater.

The stage is full of beautiful colors, from the red velour wallpaper to the gold bell cord to the brass and wood Victrola, but I’m still drawn to the sepia-toned version.

In black-and-white or toned images, I’m inclined to boost the contrast and let the shadows fall where they may. We are accustomed to seeing sepia-toned photos after they have faded from age and light, but being old enough to have done this in the darkroom with paper and chemicals, I can assure you the originals were probably very tonally rich.

Because they were press photos, I didn’t add sepia-tone or vignettes to images from last year’s production of Hello Dolly, but after experimenting with this one, I may revisit those photos.

No lesson here. I just like the effect, and don’t care who knows it. I also love the fact that I don’t have to work in a darkroom to produce it.

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