The Weird Uncle of Invention

The first time I heard of it, I knew it was my kind of photographic exercise.

The idea is that you sit in one spot and see what kind of photos you can make without moving around. Having coined the expression, “Necessity may be the mother of invention, but laziness is invention’s weird uncle,” I felt this exercise could move me closer to finding my “element,” which Sir Ken Robinson defines as that place where what you love (photography) and what you’re really good at (doing nothing) intersect.

So, I boldly carried my D7000 and 50mm f/1.8 into The Village Jester, leapt (plopped?) onto my favorite barstool, and took some shots between shots, and vice-versa.

Above my left shoulder.

The seat to my right. Possibly empty because of its proximity to a drinking man with with a camera.

Below, to the left. I did have to lean over the bar a bit for this shot, but I swear my cheeks never left the barstool. TMI?

The exercise requires one to reappraise colors and shapes, without any actual “exercise.” Well, maybe some 16 ounce curls…


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2 responses to “The Weird Uncle of Invention

  1. Mike Kichaven

    I see no self portraits.

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