Comfort Photos

Sometimes I just need to spend a Saturday afternoon in the yard stalking birds. I’m not out to make great photos; I’m just out making photos, which is really important now that I’m working full time. Yesterday morning I saw a layer of dust on my camera bag, and that straw broke this camel’s back. I set aside my afternoon chores and put the bird kit together: Nikon D7000, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, and Nikon TC17e-II teleconverter. I didn’t get everything I wanted, photographically, but I feel much better.

I give myself a little extra credit for getting any bird photos at all, since Lord Greystoke here follows me around like a dog. It’s pretty tough to attract birds with a cat at your side.


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2 responses to “Comfort Photos

  1. Ted hammond

    I had a Canon 50 D with 18-200mm 1.3.5-5.6. Most of my work is surveying dorsal fins of dolphins/whales. I use Iphoto for the picture processing. The teleconverter increases the magnification, is there much detail of the subject that becomes fuzzy? Would it increase the details on a fast moving subject like a dorsal fin or flying birds? Thank you for your remarks.

    • Generally speaking, a teleconverter degrades image quality. The best ones degrade quality less, but there’s always a loss. Plus, they reduce light transmission, making fast lenses slow and slow lenses slower.

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