Stretching At The Festival

At the Ojai Storytelling Festival, I get an opportunity to test my photographic adaptation skills. That is to say, how well can I adapt to a wide variety of shooting situations while carrying a minimal amount of gear from early morning to midnight? Performances included individuals, duos, and quintets. Venues were huge and tiny, well lit and unlit. I shot in the bright, midday outdoors and in backstage caverns.

Here are some samples. I’ll go over some of the lessons in later posts.

Beth Horner tells the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with only a kazoo, gestures, and expressions.

Remember my post about sacrificing technical quality for moment quality? I wanted a picture of my friend Wendy Stroud, whether she was lit or not!

My secret for natural looking fill-flash? I dial it down about 2/3 of a stop.

Sometimes you just have to put on the 11mm lens and kneel in front of the stage. In cooler months I wear my motorcycle pants with the padded knees.

Metering challenges? Oh yeah.

Serendipitous moments? Check.

Lots more to come, but for now I’ve got to go to work! Z

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