The Festival is Coming!

Antonio Sacre at the 2011 Ojai Storytelling Festival

My favorite annual event begins this Thursday. I’ve been to every Ojai StorytellingFestival, and I will spend this weekend photographing the festivities and performers. Here are a few of my favorite shots from last year.

Billy Jonas

Jude Narita

Alan Thornhill

Donald Davis

I’ve been cleaning lenses and sketching scenarios, testing strap and bag and vest combinations. I’m determined to get the best shots ever this year.  And the year after. And so on…

It's not just the stories and music that make the festival my favorite event of the year. It's the increasingly rare opportunity to see my Ojai friends.

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One response to “The Festival is Coming!

  1. kaarina

    super photos, dean! you really captured donald and the one of alan is intriguing with the color. bought my festival pass many weeks ago. got hooked on the festival the first time i went with a storyteller friend who flew from oregon especially to attend. haven’t missed a festival since.

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