Messing With Software Filters

I haven’t bought a bunch of plug-ins for Aperture or Photoshop because I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of the image manipulation features already built into these programs. Tonight I took a few pictures of singer-songwriter Kyle Hunt down at The Village Jester. Below are three very different versions of the same photo, processed in Aperture. Catching the moment is part of the digital photographic journey. Post-processing is a trip down another rabbit hole entirely.

Color image with a light sepia wash and a mild vignette.

The same image converted to black and white with an orange filter (before applying the sepia wash).

Here's the same image converted to black and white with a blue filter. This dramatically changes the tonality of Kyle and his guitar, but also turns the mirror behind him into a distracting hot spot.

Of course, if I was working in Photoshop, I could create different layers and convert the background with one filter and Kyle with another. In Aperture, I could probably brush in the conversions. Too much work for me, but the possibilities truly seem endless. In film days, I owned four filters: polarizer, diffusion, red, and yellow. Now, apparently, I own thousands of filters. Glad I don’t have to carry them in my gear bag.

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