Working Around the Microphones

When shooting a singer, I watch for any movement away from the microphone. Jenai Huff offered this magic moment.

Zoey’s Cafe is an awesome venue for listening to music, but very challenging for photography. The light is not much worse than any typical music venue, but the room is long and narrow, so it’s very hard to get to the side of the performer. Shooting straight up the middle means lot of pictures of microphones with portions of faces behind them, so I found myself in photographer contortionist mode, pressing against walls and sneaking around the side of the stage to get the shot. Fortunately, I got to work with a great soundtrack from Jenai Huff, Doug Ingoldsby, and Eugene Ruffalo.

Microphones are a photographic hazard, but they are also part of the storytelling context. I'm always casing venues for angles that will minimize the microphone so I can maximize the performer.For this shot of Doug Ingoldsby, I leaned precariously over a diner at the next table.

Now and then I snuck into the hallway leading to the stage and slipped my lens through the curtain. This is singer/songwriter Eugene Ruffalo. Dang good guitarist, too.

Working far to the side of the stage creates opportunities to build images with more interesting perspective a better sense of depth, too

I'm a sucker for moments of connection, too. Here, Doug Ingoldsby's appreciation for wife Jenai Huff cannot be plainer.

And I have to concede that sometimes the microphone becomes a critical compositional element.


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2 responses to “Working Around the Microphones

  1. You are an awesome photographer!!

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