Shots In The Dark

Working on these photos for the March issue of the Ojai Photography Club newsletter, I realized that I should say something about them in this blog, since they’re the only photos I’ve taken in the last couple of weeks.

As it turns out, the most interesting thing about these three photos is that two of them were taken in the dark.

Ojai Photography Club guest judge Peter D'Aprix gestures toward a photographer's most important tools. The light on the back of Peter's head is reflected from the screen on which his presentation is projected. But the room lights are out and HE IS STANDING IN THE DARK. This is shot at ISO6400, 1/100 second, and f/1.6. I used spot metering on Peter's face to prevent the meter from being fooled by his dark sweater or the light background. I wouldn't want to enlarge this too much, but for journalistic purposes, a fast lens and a digital camera let us capture usable pictures in the dark!

The fluorescent room lights were on for this shot, so I got away with ISO 720 at f/1.4. We can see that the overall quality of the image improves with the lower ISO number. We also see one of the chief charms of this very fast 85mm lens, in the creamy out of focus areas.

Kevin Wynn's praise for the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G lens inspired me to invest in one, so I was pleased to photograph him with it. While not a great photo, it does illustrate two of the lens' chief charms: shallow depth-of-field subject isolation, and the ability to capture images in a dark room.

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One response to “Shots In The Dark

  1. Myrna Cambianica

    hummm, “shots in the dark” would be a good title for a category for the Ojai Photo Club! …. first image captures something of peter’s personality … intense when he talks about photography

    great image of kevin too

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