This is my friend Mike. I took his picture during lunch for a lesson I was planning on shallow depth of field and bokeh (rendering of out-of-focus areas, like the Christmas lights behind Mike).

This is an image my camera appears to have taken spontaneously while flying through the air as my car went over the edge of highway 150 between Carpinteria and Ojai.

This is Miguel, the tow truck driver who pulled my car and I off the slope, back to the road, and back to Ojai.

The three photos in this post were taken with the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Micro on a Nikon D7000. I met Mike for lunch knowing that the Nugget restaurant is dimly lit, and decorated with perennial Christmas lights. As you can see, the 105 delivers smooth, if asymmetrical, bokeh at f/2.8. Unfortunately, on the way home I lost control of my car on highway 150, pinballed some trees, and slid partially down a hill. The car is probably totaled, but I appear to be unharmed and there was no damage to anyone or anything else. As you can see in the picture of the tow truck driver, the 105 f2.8 produces lovely, smooth bokeh in out-of-focus backgrounds. This is why some people consider it a worthy and economical alternative to the legendary 85 f/1.4 as a portrait lens.  It also has the advantage of a much closer minimum focusing distance, which exaggerates the out-of-focus backgrounds, presuming you want shots as tight as these of Mike and Miguel.  More on Bokeh and shallow depth of field in future entries.  Below is an example of how they work together.

Shallow depth of field and creamy bokeh help isolate the subject in this image. And yes, that is an awesome hat.

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