The Nanas and The Papas

The Nanas and the Papas are an ad hoc musical group composed of local grandparents. Yup, this is grandma Candace.

Pretty cool assignment this week, producing publicity shots for The Nanas and The Papas, who will be performing in Ojai in February. We needed a group shot and ten individual headshots, and we needed to get it done in an hour. Normally, when a client asks how long we’ll need for a session, I say something like, “If everyone is prepared and cooperative, we can do it in an hour. So we’ll need three hours.”  But these folks came ready to play, and the session was quick and painless (for me).

Their group shot from last year featured better composition and background than the one I produced, but you know that I struggle with groups.  I think I nailed the individual shots though.

I could have, and should have, used a black background. Other than that, I'm very happy with the lighting and the expressions. This is another one of those cases where the fourth light - the inner glow of the subject - trumps my three speedlights. Go ahead and click on this to see it a little bigger.

Spending an hour with the Nanas and the Papas reminded me of something I’ve seen at the Ojai Photography Club: As we age, a passion for something like music or photography is the real fountain of youth.

I don't know Jimmy Calire personally, but if anyone ever asks me to define "impish," I'm going to show this picture. And by the way, I pointed three flashes at this guy and did not produce a hotspot on his head, which means I really have learned a thing or two about lighting over the last year.

Lighting info: For the group shot, I set up my “wall of soft light,” using two SB600s in shoot-through umbrellas and an on-camera SB800 with a Gary Fong Lightsphere. For the headshots, I used the SB800/Lightsphere on-camera for fill light, an SB600 and shoot-through umbrella above and behind the subject as a hair light, and an SB600 in a Photek Softlighter II at camera right as key.

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