Moonlight Sonata

The Photek Softlighter II advertising claims this hybrid umbrella/softbox delivers light “as soft and as even as moonglow.” I haven’t had many opportunities to play with the Softlighter yet, but the idea of moonglow bored into my brain like an insidious mole, so I decided to see if I could use the device as a moonlight simulator.  I added the blue tint to exaggerate the moon-i-ness, but overall I prefer the sepia-washed versions below. I love the quality of light on the model, and she is lit entirely by the Softlighter II. I’ve got a gridded flash pointed at the camera-left side of the piano, which accounts for the hot-spot on the keys.  If I get another chance to develop this idea, I’ll work harder at lighting the piano, knowing that the Softlighter will do a fine job on the woman.

I like this better than the blue version; generally speaking, I like skin tones to look like skin tones.

I think the symmetrical versions work better than most symmetrical compositions because the image is about lines, curves, and balance. In this one, I wanted to introduce a bit of tension.

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Filed under Composition, Lighting

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