2011 Favorites, Part 3

July, August, September.

July Assigned: I like this theater publicity shot because the lighting and colors suit the subject. It would probably be a stronger image cropped just below their elbows, but then I would forget I want to get some pants like these.

July Personal: It was a tough summer around here, and believe it or not, this was taken before things got really ugly. I don't know for sure whether I like this as a photograph or as a document of some of the changes around here. In either case, I like the storytelling one can do with a wide angle lens, although you'll see (if you haven't already) that most of my favorites are much tighter shots.

August Assigned: Broadway star Sam Harris appeared locally. I got many shots of him performing, but this moment of connection with the audience connected with me.

August Personal: A grey subject between large areas of blue and green, but wait, there's more! How about exaggerated perspective AND a tilted horizon? Now how much would you pay?

I didn’t find any September assignment photos that worked on their own as photographs. And I had assignments! Sigh.

September Personal: I asked bar owner Nigel Chisholm if I could practice environmental portraiture on him. Nigel is such a friendly person that neither he nor most people that know him care much for this picture, but I think it stands on its own rather well. The problem is that I don't know whether I love the lighting because I know how I designed the lighting, or if it's a compelling image in its own right. But it jumped off the screen when I reviewed thumbnail images, so here it is.

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