2011 Favorites, Part 2

April, May and June.

April Assigned: This rehearsal photo from the Elite Theatre Company's production of Goat works for me because the dramatic lighting suits the apparent mood of the subject.

April Personal: Again, it's the interesting light that attracts me to this image. And, of course, the awesome hat.

May Assigned: I have many good yet conventional images from the Ojai Storytelling Festival, mostly of tellers gesticulating as they stand at the microphone. This personal moment between Billy Jonas and Donald Davis, bathed in late magic hour light, tops them all.

May Personal: A self portrait of my reflection in the back door window pane. Late afternoon sun on my face for directional light and interesting colors, a bit of confusion of solids and reflections, and, again, an awesome hat.

June Assigned: Promo shot for An Audience with The Lizard Lady. The exaggerated perspective made this stand out from hundreds of other theater images.

June Personal: Okay, not a great photo, but one that had to be taken. And with my iPhone, no less. If I do not document absurdity, I'm not getting enough of myself into my photos.

I think this is the weakest set of photos for the year, selected from the largest pool. Perhaps this means that when I have a lot of assignments, I get into a documentary mindset and tend to value adequate lighting over interesting lighting. In the second half of the year, however, the lessons from the first half made an impression on me, as you’ll see in part 3.

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