The Crying Horse

First of all, I know the horse isn’t really crying, but that doesn’t prevent the image from making me sad when I see it. Of course, mostly I’m sad about how hard it is to photograph a brightly backlit dark subject. In this case, I chose to spot meter the horse’s eye.  Now, you might say, “But the horse’s eye is dark – won’t spot metering a dark area cause overexposure?”  You are very astute.  Yes it will, but that’s what I wanted. I knew it wouldn’t blow out detail in the very dark horse, but I WANTED to blow out detail in the background, which was otherwise very distracting.

For a real animal portrait, I would have been working with the horse’s human partner to get some other poses and some between-snack images, but this fine animal just happened to be out for a morning walk at the same time as I, so I grabbed a few shots as our paths crossed.


Filed under Camera Settings, Lighting, Nature Photography

2 responses to “The Crying Horse

  1. Myrna Cambianica

    great photo … keep up the walks … i saw you the other morning, but did not offer a ride as it would interfere with your exercise and nice photos like the crying horse


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