October Favorites

For the first time in a long time, my monthly review produced quite a few pictures that I like. Here are four that remind me of important lessons:

One of my first shots with the Nikon D7000, and I let the camera do most of the work. Sure, I like the location, the colors, and the balanced fill-flash, but I always love pictures of my kids and I don't get many opportunities to take them anymore. Win!

This low-light shot of Lord Greystoke hoping to be noticed at the back door reminded me that technical quality is not the measure of an engaging photograph. Expression, composition, use of negative space - these are the things that made me stop and look again while sorting through hundreds of images.

A teleconverter and new camera spurred me to step back into my favorite bird sanctuary: My back yard. I enjoy photographing backyard birds for a lot of reasons, but mostly I just like to look at them.

This image of Dane Whitman as Romeo reminded me that I must be less afraid of the dark. Like the space between musical notes, shadows play as big a role as light in a photograph's story.


Filed under Composition, Dance and Theater, Lighting, Low Light, Nature Photography, Personal

2 responses to “October Favorites

  1. These four are enormously gazeable photos. Really, really nice, Dean. I like them a whole lot.

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