New Camera Boldness

In the olden days, I roamed the paddock area of various race tracks with two or three cameras slung around my neck. Film camera bodies were the cheapest part of my system, so I’d carry three Nikon FMs or two Nikon 8008s, feeling like I was ready for anything. Since I went digital, I haven’t been able to afford a second camera body, but thanks to some luck in Reno last week, along with some impulsive “investing,” I now own a Nikon D7000 to supplement my beloved Nikon D300.  Or, as I suspect may be the case, I have a new primary camera and my D300 will become a back-up body. Because if the first hundred frames are any indication, the D7000 produces high ISO images far cleaner than my D300.

I carried both bodies to Ojai Day, our community’s annual celebration of itself. I used the D300 for my actual assignment that day – another press image of Steve Grumette. Here are some of the images that have me marveling at the D7000’s sensor.

The Madrigali renaissance singers performed in a long, dark hallway. I shot this image with the D7000 and a 105 f/2.8 lens - AT ISO 4500! Let me repeat: ISO 4500!


ISO 2500


The D7000 and the 105 Micro get along very well. It focuses quickly and accurately.


The D7000 had me shooting fearlessly - and sometimes recklessly - into complex lighting situations. The matrix meter seems far more "understanding" of high contrast scenes than any of my previous Nikon cameras.

For my actual assignment, I stuck with the D300, which has been my constant companion for years. I like the idea of two identical bodies, though, and with the D7000 giving me usable results at ISO 6400, it's very tempting to trade-in my D300 for a second D7000. By the way, I used a flash in this shot. I hope you cannot tell.

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One response to “New Camera Boldness

  1. Jude

    Wow those photos with high ISO…beautiful, beautiful.

    Can not tell you used flash on Steve…no way.

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