It’s Always Nice to Have a Macro Lens

With a macro lens, a walk across your driveway can become a wild animal safari.

I love the fact that many of today’s lenses and compact cameras offer close-focusing capability. For most of my photographic life, a macro (called “micro” by Nikon) lens has been my top choice as a “walk-around” lens. The 105 f/2.8 micro does triple-duty for me, as a close-up lens, a medium telephoto lens, and a very good portrait lens (particularly for men; it’s a very sharp lens).

The macro is especially useful for lazy people like me. Sometimes I want to take pictures, but I don’t want to go anywhere. With the macro, I can discover new worlds in my own yard. The spider pictured above built a web right outside our front door, obviously hoping to snare my wife or I. It reminded me of an old Far Side cartoon, where two spiders build a web across the bottom of a playground slide: “If we pull this off, we’ll eat like kings!”

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