Relax. Relax. Too Relaxed.

Francisca Beach wanted a few cast photos for the Senga Classic Stage Company’s Youth Theatre production of The Rivals. As I’ve mentioned before, I love shooting for Francisca because she usually maps out exactly what she wants before I arrive. But these were to be simple group photos. Regular readers know that group photos are one of my several Achilles’ heels. Fortunately, Francisca knows how to direct her cast!

First, we decided to go with a period piece, since they were in costume and we didn't really know how else to pose seven people on a nearly bare stage.

Then we started goofing off a bit. After all, it's a cast photo of a bunch of teenagers working their tails off to put on a play. Look at those beautiful faces.

Then, Francisca put on the curtain call music and got the kids dancing in place. Teenagers have so much angst in their lives, I'm a sucker for kids smiling and having fun.

After a few minutes of dancing and me snapping away, the kids started riffing on their own. Score! As obsessed as I am with lighting and composition and technical matters, it's expressions that make or break people pictures. Of course, I'm not sure their parents will like this one as much as I do.

Techno-jargon: SB800 on camera with Gary Fong Lightsphere as commander and fill. SB600 and shoot-through umbrella over my left shoulder. SB600 and shoot-through umbrella behind and right of subjects, pointed at the curtains.

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