The Fourth Light

Artist, author and entrepreneur Roberta Raye arrived right on time for her headshot session, but she was not alone.

Some people bring several changes of clothes. Some bring a variety of hats or glasses or jewelry.

Roberta brought a bearded dragon.

Roberta and Fluffy

Truth be told, he took direction as well or better than most models.

But best of all, he brought Roberta’s playful nature right into her face, and we caught it in the camera.

I used three Nikon speedlights to make these photos, but I’m reminded that it’s the glow of the subject that really brings a photograph to life.

Normally, a bright yellow lizard would be distracting, but nothing competes with the light Fluffy brings out in Roberta's eyes.

For the techno-curious: SB600 in Lumiquest LTP softbox at camera left about two feet from Roberta. SB600 in umbrella reflector behind and right of camera. SB800 with diffusion dome on camera pointed at ceiling.

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