Out of the Spotlight

A funny thing happened during the rehearsal of Hello Dolly last night: The spotlight failed. Even though I’ve never been a boy scout, I was prepared.

While the spot light was working, I used the 17-55 f/2.8 lens from the front row of the theater. In this case, I shot at f/4, 1/160, ISO 2000.

After the spotlight blew, I switched to my 35mm f/2.0 lens and used my feet to zoom. This image required f/2.5 at ISO 3200 and 1/160. I'm not comfortable shooting most of my lenses wide open in a high contrast theater environment. The faster, fixed focal length lenses let me stop down and still catch a little more light than my "fast" zooms. At ISO 3200, I had to use Noise Ninja in post-processing, but actors and actresses usually appreciate the loss of sharpness that comes with noise reduction.


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3 responses to “Out of the Spotlight

  1. Myrna Cambianica

    busy with guests …. but all of these past four posts have had spectacular images … kudos!

  2. Jude

    Looks like another A+ Dean 😉

  3. Thanks. I’m definitely learning how to get better results than I used to at high ISOs. It’s really quite logical: A well-exposed image at ISO 3200 will exhibit less noise than the same image underexposed at ISO 1600. Technically, the ISO 3200 image may be noisier, but the noise will be less apparent if you don’t have to boost the exposure in post-processing. Took me a while to figure that out.

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