A Perspective on Your Height

I understand some types of perspective better than others. For example, I read that I was the correct weight for a 6’3″ man, so I started wearing platform shoes.  That’s my perspective on problem-solving. Photographic perspective has a lot to do with the camera’s position when the shutter fires. Most of us raise the camera to our eye and take pictures. Photographers lower or raise their eye (and camera) to a position that produces a more interesting perspective.  Take a look at the difference a couple of vertical feet can make:

I used a long lens to create compression, bringing the background closer to the subject. But shot from a standing position, this image contains too much ground level clutter behind the cars.

All else being equal, I sat on the ground and got a more compelling image with just the cars and the skyline. Too bad sitting down didn't make the overcast sky clear up.

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