Quick Light With Less Thinking

The Elite Theatre Company needed some quick publicity photos, and I had just finished mis-lighting their headshots (long story for a future blog). They needed to get to work rehearsing, so I didn’t want to waste more of their time with the usual posing/lighting/testing/relighting process for each shot.  Instead, I went with my wall of light. I stood near the edge of the stage with an SB-600 and shoot-through umbrella on either side of me, and an SB-800 with Gary Fong Lightsphere on camera. And in a very uncharacteristic move, I ran all three flashes on Auto-TTL.  It’s not dramatic lighting by any means, but there are no harsh shadows either. And it took longer to disassemble the light stands than to take the pictures.

The big wash of light handled foreground, mid- and background relatively evenly. When there's no time to sculpt the light, I want to err on the side of legibility.

The big wall of light is also my default choice for groups now; directional light inevitably leads to subjects casting shadows on one another.

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