Some Quick Headshots, One Year Later

In April 2010, I produced some quick headshots for the Elite Theatre Company’s production of American Right. This April, I was given just a few minutes to capture headshots for the Ojai Art Center Theater‘s production of Sylvia. I don’t think I spent more than two minutes with any of the actors. This blog functions primarily as a self-teaching tool, and I think the comparison shows that I’m developing much greater control of my lights. This set was produced in black and white at the request of the graphic artist creating the program. I think I’m going to try to move all the local theaters toward black and white headshots. They just look so much more theatrical…

Buddy was my first victim, so he didn't benefit from my realization that I needed to move the key light or introduce a third light to separate dark clothes from the dark background.

Kimberly, on the other hand, got the benefit of a little touch of rim-lighting.

Matt plays three roles in Sylvia, including a macho guy, a woman, and a person of indeterminate gender. Using David Hobby's AFKA strategy (Ambient/Fill/Key/Accent), I controlled the shadows with an on-camera SB-800 with Lightsphere diffuser as on-axis fill. The key was an SB-600 with shoot-through umbrella.

Deborah's dark hair presented a challenge I did not have time to solve, as I was shooting her in-between scenes. I moved flashes to either side of her, but did not get the ratios right before she had to return to the stage.There's enough light to look pretty good in a nice print, but reproduced xerographically for the program, this image probably lost her hair in the background. I haven't seen the program yet; maybe they dodged the hair a little. That's what I would do.

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