Buried Treasure

I’ve got about 50,000 images catalogued in Aperture 3.0.  I’ve probably got an equal number from before I started using Aperture.  I try to be ruthless about trashing images I don’t expect to use, but laziness often prevails. Good thing, too, because every now and then I find an image and wonder why I didn’t notice it before.

I shot this last September, but did not rank it as a keeper from the session. I came across it while reviewing images shot at 105mm for a story on prime lenses. I have no idea why I didn't like it nine months ago, but it might be the lack of sharpness in the foreground eye. Still, I think this shot illustrates an important concept in portraits: expression trumps technicalities. Photographers complain that the focus is misplaced; she and her friends just like the picture.

I go through my older images every couple of months to delete unused files from assignments, since I sure don’t need them if the client didn’t need them. I’m undoubtedly keeping more than I should, but I’m also learning how to shoot less by studying my second-tier images. And it’s fun to go digging through the archives and discover overlooked beauty.


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3 responses to “Buried Treasure

  1. myrna

    agreed … this captures some essence of her personality … so does not matter that the eye is not in focus … love the wisps of hair flying around that beautiful face and complexion!


  2. Ted Hammond

    You mentioned you are using Aperture 3 to store your pictures. How do you back up your Aperture 3 library to insure you never have a wipe out of your photos?
    Do you use Iphoto software to sharpen up your pictures?
    I am delighted with your suggestion of the Camera Strap several months ago. Thank you for your suggestion in using the strap.

    • I use Aperture for organization and all editing. I only move images to Photoshop for extreme, multi-layer manipulations, which I try to avoid at all costs! I keep my Aperture library on an external 2TB drive, and I run time machine backups on an additional 2TB drive. Client work also gets backed up on DVDs and at a variety of online locations.

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