May Favorites

I spent a lot of this month sitting at the computer, processing images. Even Meemo knew I should be out shooting; that's why she kept interfering with my work.

I got a bit of a shock today. I decided that from now on, my end of month post about my favorite images could not include assignments for others. Instead, I would choose a favorite image that I took just for myself. The shock came when I opened Aperture, scanned through the 5,000+ images I made this month, and realized that only about fifteen of them were personal images, and most of those were made with my phone or my computer.

I may have to start a “photo of the day” project to force myself to make images for fun.

Shot with my computer and processed in iPhoto. What's the world coming to?

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One response to “May Favorites

  1. myrna

    always take time for “fun” imaging … i can verify this as the “just another photo nerd” has gone viral … seems that the image appeared on recent photog club newsletter and some ventura club members have commented on my hilarious fashion statement!

    life has dealt me a full plate recently and do not often have time to comment, but i do read and enjoy all your camera club confidential posts


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