Lore Wards: Ojai Storytelling Festival

The Ojai Storytelling Festival opens tonight.  Here are some shots from years past. Many more here.  If you’ve never been to a storytelling festival, this is the place to start. Great tellers, great environment, great volunteers, and a dashing, devil-may-care photographer. What more could you ask for?

Scott Ainslie and Glenis Redmond performing at the 2010 festival.

Donald Davis will be performing at this year's festival. This shot is from 2005.

Kuniko enchanting the audience in 2008.

Hobey Ford sharing a modernized and thoroughly adult version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Bill Harley, in a calmer moment.

Samite at last year's festival. Lots of musical storytelling at the Village of Tales Ojai Storytelling Festival!

Festival founder Brian Bemel doesn't always have puppeteers at the event, but when he does, they are BRILLIANT.

Even the emcees tell stories. Here, Jim Cogan terrifies everybody, including the photographer.


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3 responses to “Lore Wards: Ojai Storytelling Festival

  1. Cindy Pitou Burton

    Great photographs! What a story the photos tell–a gifted group of storytellers and one of the most creative events in Ojai. You captured it perfectly.

  2. Not sure if you can do it because of placement or lens restriction, but I’d love to see the frames willed with just these wonderful expressions.

    Pretty please?

  3. kaarina

    thanks for the great photos, dean! ever since i went to my first ojai storytelling festival, i haven’t missed one. the storytellers are sooo talented and there’s so much variety – something for everyone’s tastes, i would think.

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