Morning Coffee, Morning Light, Daily Practice

I drink coffee every day, and I've gotten pretty good at it. Perhaps I should take pictures every day.

Many years ago, a guitar teacher told me that it’s better to practice fifteen minutes every day than two hours once a week. With experience, I’ve learned that – regardless of subject – the “drip method” does seem to advance my skills faster than the “catch up and cram” method.

And this makes me feel bad about how often my camera sits unused in a bag in a cabinet. Between assignments, I often don’t feel like taking pictures, but such indolence makes me less prepared for each assignment. So now I’m trying to keep the camera on my desk, at the ready. I’ve been photographing some pretty mundane things, but therein lies the opportunity: Can I learn how to make mundane objects into interesting pictures?  We shall see.

Even though this is a blog for "lazy, disorganized, impatient photographers," I can see that laziness may not be the virtue I've always believed it to be. I mean, if I get so lazy that I don't take pictures, how can I call myself a lazy photographer? I'm just going to have to make the effort to pick up the camera and press the button more often. Oh, the oppressive vicissitudes of life!

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One response to “Morning Coffee, Morning Light, Daily Practice

  1. Jude

    Ok Dean, I’ll take your experience on as a challenge to/for myself. Mundane make take on an entirely new meaning 🙂

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