Lighting Seminar This Wednesday

Holly has been very patient as I learn to manage light. This is more recent than the images below, and better lit. The workshop is not so much about what I know, as what I am learning now.

The Ventura County Camera Club calls the event “On Lighting.”  I think we’d get a bigger crowd calling it, “Learn About Lighting so Pretty Women will Come to Your House.”

I've been smitten with Jaye since our adult children were in third or fourth grade. Since I started photographing her, I now fantasize about lighting her hair.

Before I learned about off-camera flash, Brook hardly ever did this in my home office. I did it sometimes, but that's one of the advantages of a home office.

Kara, presumably impressed by my collection of reflective umbrellas, forgot to button her top. I didn't notice until I was reviewing pictures the next day, because I'm also enamored of my umbrellas.

It’s funny, but forty years ago I took up photography believing it would be a good way to meet girls. I was 13, so I stand by my use of the word “girls.” I also stand by my motivation, although I mostly met other photo geeks who wanted to meet girls. Anyway, now that I’m finally learning how to be a photographer, it turns out it really is a good way to meet women. My wife needn’t worry, though, because the puzzle of the light has consumed me. Earlier this month, I was in Las Vegas, where I saw pictures of naked or nearly naked women everywhere. And I stared at them, analyzing how they were lit.

“She’s really hot,” a drinking buddy would say. “No,” I’d reply, to no one in particular. “They must have used extra baffling in the softbox on the left to completely eliminate hotspots. And look at how the hair-light reveals color without drawing attention to itself.” Yeah, I’m a lot of fun in Vegas.

Still, as obsessions go, photographic lighting is less dangerous than most. If you’re in the area, I hope to share the obsession this Wednesday.

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One response to “Lighting Seminar This Wednesday

  1. Jude

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Your humor is delightful!

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