When Color Distracts

Two characters, a minimalist set, and neutral toned clothing. In this context, skin tones seemed like neon signs.

Publicity shots for the Elite Theatre Company’s production of Goat presented no unusual challenges at the capture stage. When I reviewed them on my computer, however, the actor’s faces blared like a drunken teenager resisting arrest. The set and costumes were varying shades of brown, black, grey, and white. Usually, I try to get the skin tones right and let the rest go to hell. But in this case, the skin tones turned into distractions, so I converted all the images into sepia tones. The play concerns the day of Virginia Woolf’s suicide, so the monochrome treatment seems like a better fit all around. I hope the producer agrees!

In color, the actress's face seems to hover apart from her body. In sepia, she reminds me of one of the silent era's many gamins.

Goat opens April 22 at the Petit Playhouse in Oxnard, CA. Virginia Woolf, publisher of Sigmund Freud's english works, receives psychoanalysis on the day of her suicide.

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One response to “When Color Distracts

  1. myrna

    like the last photo very much … things about this one that some could find distracting (eg light on the right) i feel just add to the mystery of this one


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