What I Learned from Joe and David

Holly, against a black background. Ambient = 0; Fill = 1/64 with Lightsphere; Key = 1/32 with Stofen omnibounce plus Lumiquest LTp softbox; Accent = 1/1 with red gel through Honl grid with guitar as gobo (or is it a cookie?). I know, its all Geek to you.

I’ve been eager to try some of the techniques I learned from Joe McNally and David Hobby on their Flashbus Tour, so Holly came over today and we gave it a shot. At an upcoming camera club workshop, I’ll go over the whole sequence of images to show how I built the light in layers.

What excites me most about today’s session is that I TRIED to do this sort of thing before I attended the Flashbus Tour, but it never worked quite right. Watching Joe and David do their thing, and being able to ask questions in real time, really helped me learn how this works. If you’re interested in lighting and one of these guys offers a class in your area, DO IT!

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One response to “What I Learned from Joe and David

  1. Jude

    Really like the background effect!….quality work.

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