Aristophanes Redux

A small portion of the set within the transformed Zalk Theater.

Besant Hill School’s production of Clouds – a re-imagination of the Aristophanes work – features a set that encompasses the entire theater, a cast and crew involving over half of the student body and a dozen faculty performers.  Last night we did a couple of set-ups for publicity photos, and then I caught what I could during a run-through of the first act.

A portion of the cast. Thank goodness I'm getting more comfortable with wide-angle lenses. Shoot-through umbrella camera left of the foreground group; shoot-through umbrella pointed straight at the band; camera-mounted SB800 w/Lightsphere as fill and trigger.

I’m now so comfortable with my gear and the challenges of theater lighting that one-time opportunities like this are more a test of my reflexes than my photographic knowledge. Sometimes I catch the moment, and sometimes I don’t.

The lighting was wildly different all over the stage, so I used spot metering and tried to keep the sensor on the subject's face. No small task during dance numbers.

Socrates has a rough day in this production.

When the contrast gets tough, I expose for the highlights and let the shadows fall where they may.

There's a lot of talent at this school. I wish I was available to photograph Act 2.

I’m definitely saving up for a second camera body. It would have been nice to have a telephoto instantly available when working such a sprawling set. Maybe next time.

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    good stuff here … love these … m

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