Low and Close

After all these years, I think I’m finally getting the hang of wide-angle lenses.

Table level, no more than a foot from her nose.

I call this one, "On the Outside, Looking into the Outside." I'm almost touching the window, and while I'm not down low, I'm also not tilting the camera up or down.

Getting your wide-angle lens close to a foreground subject gives the subject terrific, frame-filling impact – without eliminating context. Getting low is not an end in itself, but a way to keep the camera level, which prevents the lens from severely distorting perspective.

The not-very-vertical lines in this image illustrate what happens when you tilt a wide-angle lens upward. Sometimes, this kind of distortion is a cool effect, but it's also a common accident.

On Sunday, I’ll be photographing an event in a crowded restaurant. For the musicians, I’ll probably use a medium telephoto lens, wide open, to separate them from background distractions. But for candid shots around the crowd, I’m going wide, low, and close! Look for the results next week.

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  1. myrna

    i always like cool and weird … how did our cat get to your kitchen table??

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